The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review includes Heirloom Harvest in its list of gardening books to read before spring:

“One of the most unusual and intriguing garden books I’ve ever come across. Photographer Jerry Spagnoli spent 15 years visiting author Amy Goldman’s 210-acre farm in Rhinebeck, N.Y., using the historical daguerreotype process to create unique and wonderful images, each one a work of art… The thick, glossy pages do these works justice. This is one book to leave on the coffee table for friends to gush over.” Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (February 2016)

Heirloom Harvest featured in Seed Savers Exchange’s quarterly membership publication, Heritage Farm Companion:

“Amy Goldman, preeminent heirloom vegetable gardener and long-time friend and advisor to Seed Savers Exchange, has published a delightful fourth book…The book’s layout, from the plush silver and black cover to the black, large format art paper it’s printed on, creates a timeless, portable gallery of art… Heirloom Harvest is not only a must-read for those interested in Amy Goldman and heirloom vegetable gardening, it is a must-see for all art lovers and lovers of heirloom plants and gardens.” Heritage Farm Companion (Winter 2015)