The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review includes Heirloom Harvest in its list of gardening books to read before spring:

“One of the most unusual and intriguing garden books I’ve ever come across. Photographer Jerry Spagnoli spent 15 years visiting author Amy Goldman’s 210-acre farm in Rhinebeck, N.Y., using the historical daguerreotype process to create unique and wonderful images, each one a work of art… The thick, glossy pages do these works justice. This is one book to leave on the coffee table for friends to gush over.” Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (February 2016)

Heirloom Harvest featured in Seed Savers Exchange’s quarterly membership publication, Heritage Farm Companion:

“Amy Goldman, preeminent heirloom vegetable gardener and long-time friend and advisor to Seed Savers Exchange, has published a delightful fourth book…The book’s layout, from the plush silver and black cover to the black, large format art paper it’s printed on, creates a timeless, portable gallery of art… Heirloom Harvest is not only a must-read for those interested in Amy Goldman and heirloom vegetable gardening, it is a must-see for all art lovers and lovers of heirloom plants and gardens.” Heritage Farm Companion (Winter 2015)

NPR’s popular food blog, “The Salt”, talks to Jerry Spagnoli about the daguerreotype process and Heirloom Harvest:

“We depend on these fruits and vegetables for our sustenance… and I like to think that the book represents a gesture of respect for that legacy…These aren’t things that are produced in factories or are man-made. These are the organisms in their own right.” NPR’s The Salt (January 2016)

The Evening Standard includes Heirloom Harvest in its list of “The Best Photography Books of 2015.

“Stunningly illustrated by daguerreotypist Jerry Spagnoli. He transforms albeit fancy varieties of gourd, bean and turnip into otherworldly luminous objects with extreme, textured surfaces. Black and white never looked so colourful. Beautifully designed, with a lovely essay by Goldman about raising her tender stems on her 200-acre Hudson Valley farm, this is one for your …


Heirloom Harvest named “THE gift of the year” by Dan’s Papers:

Featuring breathtaking photographs by Jerry Spagnoli, this tome is sure to be treasured by gardeners as much as Goldman’s previous books about heirloom tomatoes, squash and melons… Heirloom Harvest is comprised of a moving essay by Goldman about her love affair with growing heirloom varieties and the evolution of her Hudson Valley farm complex, complemented by page after beautiful page of exquisitely moody Daguerreotypes of heirloom plants and rare livestock taken from a variety of angles and in various settings.” Dan’s Papers (December 2015)