Gill’s Blue Hubbard Squash

If all you’ve ever known is Acorn or Butternut squash, then you will flip your lid when you taste the likes of Gill’s Blue Hubbard. Think: starchy, dry, thick, flaky, floury, nutty, melting, fine textured – and big! It’s a smooth-rinded version of the classic Blue Hubbard, with True Hubbard and Gill’s Sweet Meat in its ancestry. I plan to include Gill’s Sweet Meat in the second edition of my book, The Compleat Squash, along with Gill’s Blue Hubbard, to make the book even more “compleat.” Sweet Meat is a family favorite of Mike Dunton’s, proprietor of Victory Seeds, and now it’s a favorite of mine.


Genus and Species: Cucurbita maxima, Hubbard Group

Size: 23” long by 11” wide

Weight: 16 pounds

Rind Color: subdued brilliant green

Flesh Color: toned down yellow ocher

Fiber: none evident

Best uses: Excellent table vegetable

Date of Introduction: 1954; Gill Brothers Seed Co., Portland, Oregon.

Synonym: Gill’s Sugar Hubbard

Seed Sources: Sand Hill Preservation Center, Territorial Seed