Praise for Melons for the Passionate Grower

“Browsers enticed by the eye-catching photos should also enjoy reading about melon history and lore, while serious gardeners will be motivated to try their luck at growing some of these exotic and nearly forgotten heirlooms.”—Library Journal

“In this well-researched guide, Amy Goldman expresses the beauty, diversity, and irresistibility of ripe melons in season.”—Alice Waters

“This book is a feast for the eyes and a serious reminder that biodiversity is admirable and necessary. Amy Goldman is doing a beautiful job in one small area of this science and encourages others to do the same.”—Martha Stewart

“One of America’s most articulate champions of agricultural biodiversity celebrates the vast range and fascinating stories of the heirloom melons in a book that is simply stunning.”—Starr Ockenga, Author of Eden on their Minds